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March - April (19)

Monday, 07 March 2016 12:06

Reasons to Visit Poland

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EUROPE POLAND LARGESay “Poland” and it conjures images of WWII monuments, churches, museums and pierogies. No doubt about it, much of the traffic from the U.S. to Poland has been based on geneology in past years. But Poland is a Central European country ideal for family travel and visitors following their own passions way beyond being Polish.

Monday, 07 March 2016 12:04

Ireland and Scotland

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It is difficult to travel far in either Ireland or Scotland without seeing a lake, river or the ocean. Both have rolling countryside, charming hamlets, sheep and old castles, many said to be haunted.
But, they have their differences. Faeries and leprechauns frequent Ireland while the Loch Ness Monster haunts Scotland. Irishmen prefer Irish knits, potatoes, Guinness and Irish Whiskey. The Scottish consume haggis (a pudding made of sheep innards), drink Scotch, wear kilts and play bagpipes.

Monday, 07 March 2016 12:02


Written by

BTHDT Europe
My favorite castle in the Czech Republic is Konopiste, a few miles outside Prague. Too many guidebooks warn visitors if they support animal rights to avoid Konopiste. Agreed that its thousands of displayed antlers and taxidermied animals are repulsive, but homes of many great hunters (such as Teddy Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill) also reflect their owners’ greatness.

Monday, 07 March 2016 11:58

Exploring the Arctic with Hurtigruten

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With snow-covered peaks, iceberg-dappled seas and dramatic wildlife, the Arctic has lured adventurers for centuries. On a Hurtigruten Explorer Voyage to Spitsbergen, midway between Norway’s mainland and the North Pole, modern-day adventurers thrill to the same pristine landscapes that inspired early Norwegian explorers, see polar bears, walruses and beluga whales cavort in their natural habitats, and kayak alongside glaciers and historic coastal villages.

Monday, 07 March 2016 11:56

El Salvador - Impressive

Written by

LATIN ELSALVIf you have clients who are looking for a destination that can provide sun, surf, nature, culture and great hotels; yet without the crowds of American tourists that despoil much of the Caribbean and Latin America - you can look no further than the lovely country of El Salvador. Your first reaction is probably along the lines of, “El Salvador? Isn’t that the place with the nasty civil war and gang problems?” The simple truth is that the civil war ended 24 years ago in 1992, and much like in U.S. tourist destinations, the gang situation affects the locals and not the tourists. After recently concluding an extensive journey through El Salvador, I can honestly say that I felt just as safe

Monday, 07 March 2016 11:53

Espiritu Santo Island, Baja

Written by

LATIN MEXICOThe white tips of our kayaks slice through the three foot waves and we brace ourselves for the flop and the splash which come in quick succession. It’s like an amusement park ride here in the shimmering Sea of Cortez as we paddle up the island of Espiritu Santos in Baja California Sur. To my left and my right are my comrades, parallel, like a pod of dolphins. Our guide from Baja Outdoor Activities (BOA)
(, Mario Del Angel Alfaro, taps his head with his fist and we respond in kind. All is well on day 2 of our sea kayaking adventure.

Monday, 07 March 2016 11:44

Brazil - So Much More than the Olympics

Written by

LATIN BRAZILClients heading to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 summer Olympic Games may want to see more than Rio. And all the international interest that Olympics attract is sure to inspire more travelers to visit Brazil.

There’s a lot more in this huge and beautiful country than the Olympic venues and Rio. Cities along Brazil’s long South Atlantic coast that stretches hundreds of miles north of Rio are not only historic, but make exciting getaways. Inland cities provide enticing insights into the energy and diversity of the people of Brazil. Brasilia, the country’s capital and fourth largest city, was built from scratch in the 1960s on plans developed by famed architects Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer.

Monday, 07 March 2016 11:42

Worry Free and Sandals

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On January 8, 2016 a handsome Skip Marley walked out on the stage of the Sandals Montego Bay Resort and sang a remix of his grandfather’s classic song Three Little Birds to an exuberant audience who accompanied him singing, “Don’t worry about a thing, Cause every little thing gonna be all right.” The crowd didn’t need prompting to join the “No Worry Movement,” the new slogan for the 2016 Sandals Resorts. They became members then and there.

Monday, 07 March 2016 11:38

Caribbean Travel Marketplace 2016

Written by

Much-awaited and well-attended, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) hosted the Caribbean Travel Marketplace this year at Atlantis, Paradise Island. Getting off to a rousing start, the opening ceremony didn’t disappoint with performances by The Royal Bahamas Police Force Band and the Colors Junkanoo Group, with keynotes by the Hon. Obie Wilchombe, minister of tourism for the Bahamas and Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, Prime Minister of the Bahamas.

Monday, 07 March 2016 11:33

Fried, Floured & Fabulous

Written by

A time-honored Caribbean tradition, chowing down at a Friday Fish Fry comes from the centuries-old religious practice of abstaining from eating meat for one day of the week. Although not adhered to as strictly as it once was, many of the islands still keep that tradition alive with Friday night fish frys that celebrate the catch of the day. A beachy vacation is an easy vacation to sell, but for clients who want to explore the island and not just the swim-up bar, suggest a tasting tour of the tastiest Fish Fry feasts under the starry skies.


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