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July - August (17)

Wednesday, 07 August 2019 09:45

Le Torri di Bagnara, Umbria, Italy

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Le Torri di Bagnara Castles, a private, 1,500-acre historic estate in the hills of Umbria, offers the most discriminating travelers the absolute best of Italy.  Nestled in the “green heart” of Italy, midway between Rome and Florence, Le Torri di Bagnara is a world-class collection of exquisitely restored medieval castles, perfect for groups of up to 30 people.  This luxurious estate and nature preserve provides a unique, exclusive and carefree luxury villa vacation that enables guests to enjoy the company of family and friends to the absolute fullest.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 11:42


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ASIA large

Places like the museum and Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings, make Taiwan unique. But many similarities exist between the island and the Mainland. Think of it like the difference between the U.S. and Great Britain.
Taiwan is small - the combined area of Maryland and Delaware. Here, verdant mountains often shroud themselves in mist and envelop Buddhist monasteries and chasms that dig deep into the earth. In-between are rice paddies, tea farms, Starbucks and 7-Elevens.

ASIA mongolia
Sleeping in a ger (foldable yurt or circular tent) in the Gobi Desert is an adventure. It is located way on the other side of nowhere. Unless you are a short person like me, it is necessary to stoop when entering. Forget luxuries like running water, private bathrooms or 24-hour electricity. But the interior is bright, clean and cheerful with beds (hard pillows), stools, a desk, sometimes a wood stove fire and usually a light bulb hanging from the top. Bathrooms are down
a path.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 11:34

Africa's Top 10 Experiences

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Africa 10
Africa is synonymous with safari, and probably top of mind when you begin planning a trip to this vast continent. Each of Africa’s 54 countries has their own unique topography, ethnic cultures and cuisines. Here, we’ll explore some of our top 10 experiences to consider when planning a trip. Of course, safari is included on this list...but with a twist.

Africa Durban
As we deplane from our Cape Town/Durban flight, my friend asks if we are still in South Africa. I glare at her. But then, I think about it. Few North Americans go to Durban.
Blessed with natural beauty, the city sits on South Africa’s east coast. The aquamarine Indian Ocean slithers onto its gilded, sandy shore. Golden Mile Beach has a resort-like atmosphere. Across the street sits some art deco architecture. One tends to liken it to Miami Beach. But that is where the similarity ends. With its collage of colors, tastes, sounds and smells, Durban illuminates the senses.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 11:28

Mix and Match in Turks & Caicos

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CaribbeanFor all the glitz and glamour of Turks & Caicos, where a gilded necklace of high-end resorts drapes the shoreline of gorgeous Grace Bay on Providenciales, the destination long had but one private island resort - the 61-room COMO Parrot Cay, located just off the northwest tip of lightly populated North Caicos island.
Now, there’s a new cay in town. In January, the Turks & Caicos Collection, which operates three resorts on the Provo mainland, opened Ambergris Cay with 10 stylish beach suites, 18 minutes by air from Providenciales International Airport.
The three-mile-long island - which has the longest (5,700 feet) private airstrip in the Caribbean and can easily accommodate private jets of arriving, well-heeled guests - also has a collection of luxury villas, some of which are part of the resort’s rental program.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 11:26

Costa Rica's Expansive Offerings

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For 35 years, Costa Rica’s Expotur has been Central America’s leading inbound tourism conference and the country’s primary tool for promoting Costa Rica as the preeminent destination for adventure and eco-tourism.
This year’s event, held May 9th-10th at the National Convention Center in San José, was no exception. For 2019, the emphasis was on micro, small, and medium tourism enterprises (MSMEs) and they were given special consideration so it would be economical for them to participate. For those unfamiliar with Expotur, it is organized by the Costa Rican Association of Tourism Professionals (ACOPROT) with support from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 11:23

GALA 2019 - Puerto Vallarta

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LATIN Puerta
JAX FAX recently participated in the 25th edition of Gala, Puerto Vallarta’s annual travel trade event. Gala participants took part in more than 1,300 45-minute, pre-scheduled B2B meetings between tourism industry partners and 96 hotels in the region. The event set a new record in attendance, with more than 90 wholesale agents from the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, and Spain, representing a 32% jump in attendance compared to 2018. South America was part of the Gala for the very first time with 19 wholesale agents brought in by Panama’s Copa Airlines.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 11:20

Robin Hood Lives!

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Europe Brirain
We have all been acquainted with the legend of Robin Hood, but where do these tales come from, and what are the places that inspired them? While there is some question as to the true identity of our hero, or even the existence of a singular Robin Hood, the places often featured in the associated ballads and folklore are unquestionably real, and have quite a bit to offer a literary themed travel itinerary.

Tuesday, 02 July 2019 11:16

German Rail Travel

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Europe Germany
It was the perfect solution for me. I was on a short trip to Germany, with four cities to visit - Berlin, Erfurt, Nuremberg and Munich. For 21 years, a high-speed train with these cities, plus Halle as the only stops, has been in the planning. Finally, last year, the necessary 22 tunnels and 29 bridges had been built and the high-speed train, going 186 miles an hour, got under way. The Berlin-Munich high-speed train of a decade ago took six hours. The new train, the ICE Sprinter, whisks its passengers the whole length of the new route in only three hours and 50 minutes. Since it began running in December 2018, twice as many travelers have been taking it as had used the old high-speed line.

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