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A New Year, a Fresh Start

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Happy New Year! More than just a holiday, New Year’s Day represents a new start. You can finally discard the scribbled on calendars and date books from 2017, and begin to use the fresh, new 2018 ones. If you have not gotten one yet - they are probably on sale now that the New Year has begun! Here are steps you can take to ensure 2018 is your best year yet.
Many tour operators have published new online brochures - download or bookmark them so you have up-to-date pricing, and information about all the new products and offerings.

Take the time to go through your client files and reach out to those clients that you have not heard from in a while. This is a great time and opportunity to make sure your contact information is accurate.
Think about what worked for your business last year, and what did not. Make changes to your advertising strategies, software, organization - or anything else that held you back from achieving your goals.
Invest in yourself and your business. Sign up for some training, or research host agencies to see what they can offer you. There are also many suppliers who generously reward agents, so find those, and sign up for an agent membership.
Make plans for your own vacation during 2018. You plan so much travel for others, you should plan some for yourself too! Check out FAM trips offered by tourist boards or tour operators, and travel at discounted rates. Or, plan a true get-away - one that you will look forward to with excitement, and reminisce about upon your return.

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