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Much of the Caribbean is back open for business. After damage from two back-to-back hurricanes four months ago, many destinations are reporting that they are ready to welcome tourists with open arms. Many travelers seem to have the impression that the entire region was destroyed, but these islands want tourists to know that this is not true. Tourism plays a large part in recovery, bringing revenue to the region, and providing employment for residents. They encourage people to come and see for themselves. There is still some residual damage and recovery efforts continue, but the beaches are still beautiful, and the people always warm and welcoming.

LATIN Brazil

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Happy New Year! More than just a holiday, New Year’s Day represents a new start. You can finally discard the scribbled on calendars and date books from 2017, and begin to use the fresh, new 2018 ones. If you have not gotten one yet - they are probably on sale now that the New Year has begun! Here are steps you can take to ensure 2018 is your best year yet.
Many tour operators have published new online brochures - download or bookmark them so you have up-to-date pricing, and information about all the new products and offerings.

Niedzica-Castle-(3) 01Kliczkow zamek

To make the most of your clients’ Poland experience, offer them accommodation in one of the many historic and beautiful castles that have been transformed into boutique hotels. Travelers to Poland have many unique opportunities to stay in places of historic significance, with the ability to experience and enjoy the nearby tourism sites, museums, local cuisine, and all that Poland has to offer. See these and more castle stay possibilities at

EUROPE Croatia
Boasting some of the world’s cleanest waters, charming islands and a coast lined with World Heritage sites, the Adriatic Sea is one of the world’s premier cruising grounds. Most of the vessels plying these waters are not large cruise ships, but rather large yachts, ranging from rustic traditional sail boats to luxury yachts, providing an unspoiled, uncrowded cruise vacation option for your clients.

New Zealand is an impressive country with much to offer visitors. With staggering scenery, fascinating history and culture combined with plenty of opportunity for adventure, it is a destination that will not disappoint. When choosing a country to visit, it can be difficult to choose what regions to see, and therefore what regions you will also not see. Visiting these spectacular National Parks provides a great way to see this country’s splendor. From the New Zealand Tourism website ( we have selected an article about making the absolute most of an active New Zealand vacation.

EUROPE Croatia
With multiple award-winning hotels, over 500 miles of Adriatic coastline, world-class gastronomy, quirky and unique museums and so much more, who wouldn’t want to visit Croatia? This historic country in Eastern Europe is now commanding the attention it deserves, and travelers have taken notice. In just the second quarter of this year, revenues from tourism reflected an increase of 5.3 percent compared to the same period last year. Tourism numbers from 2015 were surpassed in September 2016. It’s a hot destination.

U.S. river cruising continues to grow in popularity, especially with Americans who, more than ever, prefer to travel within the U.S.A. Thanks to the cultural richness associated with America’s great rivers (especially the Mississippi), there has also been growth among international travelers who have an interest in this country’s history.

It would be impossible for a traveler to see and experience everything that Dubai and Abu Dhabi have to offer in one trip. A very small sample of the must-see sights in Dubai include the man-made Palm and World Islands, which provide a breathtaking view when seen from the air. Encourage clients to visit the Dubai Museum for a sense of history and culture.

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