Colombia: Land of Sabrosura

Written by  Lisa Loverro

LATIN Colombia
What is “Sabrosura?” It’s a local word used in the magical country of Colombia to express a feeling of positivity and joy. And it’s this word, this feeling, that the Colombian government has embraced to launch their new ad campaign aimed at attracting visitors from around the globe.

The new campaign, which aims to lure more foreign visitors, was unveiled during the celebration of the 25th anniversary of ProColombia (, a government agency that promotes non-energy mining exports, international tourism and foreign direct investment, in Bogotá on December 6th 2017. With that joyous feeling in mind, the music of Colombia will be the backbone of the strategy presented by ProColombia to promote the country as a destination in the international markets.
Coupled with a stable political climate, and sustainable economic development strategies, Colombia continues to grow its tourism sector each year. ProColombia plans to expand the concept of Sabrosura to 13 countries identified as strategic, such as: The United States, Spain, Mexico and Germany. However, it is expected to reach all corners of the world. This campaign aims to evoke something that can only be lived or felt in Colombia, such as enjoying a Colombian beach or experiencing its culture and biodiversity in any of the destinations the country offers. The campaign rolls out through a series of videos published on digital platforms; these videos can be viewed here:, and will give you a better sense of this visually appealing campaign.

In terms of new and exciting offerings from the country, there are some major new developments. With the peace agreement finally reached with FARC, Colombia is now opening its doors to tourism in new areas of the country that were before off limits. Areas of the Amazon and the Colombian plains (known as the Llanos) such as Casanare, Guaviare, and Chiribiquete National Park are positioned to attract new tourists in the coming years. As an example, Guaviare, known as the gateway to
the Amazon because it’s ideally located at the point where the Plains begin to end and the Amazon rainforest begins, offers visitors an opportunity to view everything from ancient rock paintings, some dating back up to 10,000 years, to a variety of indigenous cultures, and wonderful wildlife and natural diversity.
In hotel news, December 2017 welcomed the Conrad Hilton in Cartagena (, marking their first hotel in the country, and their third in Latin America. The global head of the Conrad Hotels and Resort, John Vanderslice announced, “As the brand’s debut property in Colombia, the Conrad Cartagena represents our continued commitment to expanding Conrad’s footprint in Latin America. The resort offers four pools, a golf course, seven dining outlets and fitness center. There are 268 rooms including 31 suites with balconies, all overlooking the sea.

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