Croatia’s Draw

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With multiple award-winning hotels, over 500 miles of Adriatic coastline, world-class gastronomy, quirky and unique museums and so much more, who wouldn’t want to visit Croatia? This historic country in Eastern Europe is now commanding the attention it deserves, and travelers have taken notice. In just the second quarter of this year, revenues from tourism reflected an increase of 5.3 percent compared to the same period last year. Tourism numbers from 2015 were surpassed in September 2016. It’s a hot destination.

What is the draw?
The country boasts a unique location along the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, and includes over one thousand islands, and borders five other Eastern European countries - which when combined, offer a multitude of must-see destinations and must-do adventures. Croatia has been ranked among the most beautiful countries in the world.
Once your clients have decided to go to Croatia, the next dilemma is deciding which of the unique cities and destinations they want to visit. Travel to Croatia is affordable, and offers a beautiful and diverse landscape, warm and friendly citizens, and a huge selection of travel opportunities. For the most current and detailed travel information, visit the official website of the Croatian National Tourist Office at

Luxury travel has found its spot in the the Istrian and Kvarner regions. The magnificent Island of Losinj (pronounced “LOW-sheen”) is unspoiled and unique from other parts of Croatia. Although Losinj is a lesser known tourist destination and not as easy to access as some of the Dalmatian islands, it will not disappoint. The island is a hidden gem, and offers a perfect escape in every season. Whether your clients are looking to relax and recharge, be active or do a little of both, they can do it here in luxury. There is scenic splendor, mental and physical rejuvenation, excellent day-trip options and much history. Losinj has everything travelers are looking for in an island destination; style, beauty, luxury, wellness, exquisite cuisine, interesting history and culture, super friendly and welcoming locals, as well as authentic charm. Not to mention, fantastic boating, swimming, biking and numerous outdoor activities. It is easy to understand why the Habsburg royalty so often visited the island to take advantage of all it offers.
For clients looking for an incredible place to relax on the beach, wine and dine, stroll Mediterranean gardens, meander through old world towns, discover history, experience world-class spas or indulge in amazing excursions, Losinj is an excellent travel choice.
Adventures Croatia ( is a tour operator specializing in Croatia, and they are currently offering an 11-day Dalmatia Discovery Tour, which thoroughly explores this region.
Losinj Hotels and Villas ( offer perfect luxury getaways among the stunning bays and tranquil pine forests of the island, where you will find their hotels, villas and apartments. Take in the scenry of the Cikat Bay from the boutique Hotel Alhambra, and Hotel Bellevue.

Air Update
Direct flights between the United States and Croatia may not be far away. There is news that a deal between Zagreb International Airport and a European carrier is in the works to introduce non-stop flights from New York. These flights, which would begin in summer 2017, would be the first direct flights from the US to Croatia in over 22 years. There is strong demand for such service, as it would reduce travel time between the two countries to approximately 8 hours.

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