Stopover Azores

EUROPE AzoresEnjoy two destinations for the price of one! Azores Airlines provides non-stop service from USA and Canada gateways, with continuing service on to mainland Portugal. From the US, it is just a 5 hour flight until your clients will have the opportunity to hike to the rim of an ancient volcano, admiring crater lakes of emerald green or deep blue, sipping wine grown in lava fields while dining in a seaside village, or watching an exquisite sunset over the Atlantic. And, after having from one to seven-days to discover the Azores, we then take them on to mainland Portugal to discover the delights of Lisbon and Porto. For those that want to get to the mainland, Azores Airlines brings a new way - the Azores Way. Fly direct if you have no time, but, flying direct means you’ll miss the Azores. With up to 3-flights per day on to Lisbon, and a daily-fight to Porto, moving beyond Azores just became so much easier with the new Stopover program.

We suggest you take the opportunity to discover Portugal this fall/winter. Spend time getting to know the historical cities, with great restaurants, shopping and a fantastically mild winter climate. Fly to the Azores with brand new aircraft, allowing a stop to discover a destination that is becoming one of the world’s sought-after niche places to be (National Geographic referred to the Azores as one of the best destinations in the world), with easy and convenient through connections to the Portuguese mainland. Azores Airlines is ready to get you to Azores and beyond.
For those who are not familiar with Lisbon, the city is going through a cultural revolution with new attractions, new hotels, fantastic restaurants, shops, and events that encourage visitors to really get involved. Seen as one of the “in-destinations” of Europe at the moment, a fall/winter break allows your clients the chance to discover history in a new and evolving contemporary environment. In addition, Porto, three hours to the north of the country’s capital, is also in a period of change. Old warehouses along the Douro River are being made into contemporary bars, restaurants and shops, and the whole scene of Porto wine resonates around the city. Porto could be referred to as a global village, with all the international brands and attractions, but small enough to allow for an easy and enjoyable stay.
For a completely different experience, we must not forget the island of Madeira. Azores Airlines also connects Ponta Delgada with Funchal. Madeira has a winter climate that is similar to the Caribbean, allowing for winter-sun holidays, as well as being a great destination for snowbirds. Temperatures all winter are in the mid-70’s. Swim in the Atlantic, and enjoy the blue of the ocean and the green of the mountains. Madeira is referred to as the Pearl in the middle of the Atlantic. With just a two-hour flight from Azores, the combination of nature first, followed with Madeira’s sunny climate allows for the best of both worlds.
This fall/winter, Azores Airlines provides a great opportunity to discover Stopover Azores, blending the 9-island Archipelago with mainland Portugal and the beautiful island of Madeira. We encourage you to visit us at

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