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A safe oasis in a region of conflict, a strong US ally with some of the world's most spectacular treasures, Jordan has been welcoming visitors for centuries. Here one finds archaeological wonders, biblical sites and friendly people whose second language is English. Additionally, the country draws high-end travelers with 5-star properties like the Four Seasons, and others.

Published in January - February

LUXThis year Mexico has been the most popular international getaway destination for American travelers. Having just visited the beachy Pacific resort of Puerto Vallarta on beautiful Banderas Bay, I put it at the top of my list. In addition to sun-kissed sand beaches, aquamarine water, a lush tropical landscape and the Sierra Madre Mountains, you’ll also find an authentic, culturally rich town with an eye popping art scene, amazing gastronomy and happening night life. Not to mention the warm climate and friendly locals. It’s ideal for honeymooners, couples and families alike. Additionally it’s LGBT friendly with a trendy downtown Romantic Zone.

Published in November - December

Exotic with turquoise lagoons, palm-fringed sand beaches, coral reefs, the freshest fruits and seafood plus top luxury resorts, Fiji offers the ultimate vacation in paradise. This lush tropical oasis of over 330 sun-kissed islands in the heart of the Pacific attracts honeymooners, couples and families, alike. Whether you’re looking for a remote hideaway, spectacular snorkeling, diving, trekking, relaxing in your own plunge pool or picnicking on a secluded beach or on your own private island - Fiji will not disappoint.

Published in September - October

LUXThe last few years have seen an increasing number of consumers using travel agents - “good” travel agents. The discerning traveler expects quality products, top experiences and the highest level of customer service. This can be a tall order in today’s market with many clients demanding so much attention both before and during their trips, with many traveling at the same time. For these reasons a growing number of agents have already discovered that using a top tour operator can make a huge difference. Not only will you have experts in the destination handling every facet of your client’s trip, from the planning to the actual on the ground itinerary, you will be able to manage your business more efficiently, and have more time to raise your profits. Additionally, you will be building your brand as a skilled professional with an array of unique services to offer.

Published in July - August

Cuba is hotter than ever with the sweeping changes in US - Cuba relations. The allure of a place that’s been ‘forbidden’ for more than 50 years, a veritable time warp with vintage 50’s cars and sultry Latin music, the excitement of a locale that’s on the brink of change is drawing Americans like never before. You can’t help but feel the buzz.

Published in May - June

Myanmar, (Burma) is on everyone’s hot list and it’s easy to see why. An exotic locale with a veritably untouched culture, golden temples and wondrous pagodas is a traveler’s dream. Now a coveted destination for the high-end set, Burma is experiencing a tourism boom. Last year saw a 54 percent increase in arrivals. On my recent trip through the country, I felt like I had journeyed back in time. The allure of a mystical land that has side-stepped modernization may not last for long. If you’re thinking of going, go now.

Published in March - April

The Basque Country in the western Pyrenees, spanning the border between Spain and France, has long been renowned for its outstanding gastronomy. The Basque people have their own culture, traditions and language, although almost all speak Spanish. Friendly and proud, they are also passionate - especially about their cuisine. There has been a long-standing tradition of men cooking and socializing in male cooking clubs called ‘gastronomic societies.’ Hence, the famed Basque male chefs and their coveted restaurants.
The region offers fine wines, stunning architecture, beaches, a scenic coastline and luxurious hotels in addition to its Michelin starred cuisine. Whether pairing the locale with a visit to Madrid, Barcelona or Paris, or opting to solely bask in the glorious Basque, this precious gem will not disappoint.

Published in November - December

India promises travelers an extraordinary journey filled with Maharajah’s palaces, ancient temples and a riot of sensory delights. It is said that to truly understand the heart and soul of this rich culture, one must experience Varanasi and Kerala. Add on a visit to a luxurious spa/wellness resort in the foothills of the Himalayas and a jaunt to see the elusive Bengal Tiger at Ranthambore Park. You’ll have a dream itinerary of India's unrivaled treasures.

Published in September - October

Saigon, officially Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest city and pulsating commercial capital, boasts a dynamic blend of new and old. Nowhere is the country’s rich history and vibrant, fast-developing future more apparent than this cosmopolitan metropolis, often the first stop for visitors to Vietnam. Sleek skyscrapers, luxury hotels, designer shops, sidewalk cafes and traffic-jammed streets are juxtaposed with traditional markets, ancient temples and striking reminders of the city’s storied past.


Published in July - August

I just returned from Vietnam, a place that consistently receives raves from all who visit. Its breathtaking natural beauty, rich culture and fascinating history make it an appealing destination for both first-time and return visitors, couples, families and singles alike. With its lush countryside, charming colonial cities, ancient waterways, great food and lovely beaches, there’s surely something for every taste. The country is taking note of its growing appeal to sophisticated, affluent visitors with new luxe properties, elite riverboats, high-end spas and top restaurants. Famed documentarian Ken Burn’s upcoming series about Vietnam is bound to cast the country in the spotlight once again.

Published in May - June
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