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Includes flights from NY Area

November 13-20, $2, 150. Many may not necessarily think of Turkey as a first thought when considering a faith-based travel program, but with ETS Tours, the destination truly does have so much for Christian pilgrimage travelers to discover intermixed with outstanding opportunities to enjoy the country’s cultural heritage. Turkey will captivate travelers with chock-full of days brimming with experiences that will simply fascinate advisors., call 1-800-929-4387, or email



Faith Based Travel FAM

July 10-17, $1,199 Ground-Only. ETS Tours says that Holy Land is perhaps the ultimate pilgrimage travel destination, and this is the perfect opportunity for a deep-dive into the magic of selling faith-based travel on this 7-day Holy Land journey that literally walks in the footsteps of Jesus. From Bethlehem, the City of David, and Jericho, to Galilee, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea, the top sites of interest for faith-based travel await to create the moments of a lifetime.