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Turkish Airlines Opens Istanbul Airport The World’s Largest Airport

Turkish Airlines welcomed Istanbul Airport October 29, 2018. Starting this January,

all operations will move from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport. Once complete, this will be the world’s largest airport: three times the size of Beijing Airport with six runways, four terminals, a capacity for 2,000 aircraft daily flying to more than 350 destinations and with an annual passenger capacity of about 200 million. The project will be launched in four phases with the final phase completed in 2028. This major hub at the intersection of Asia, Europe and the Middle East will be the world’s largest transfer point. Turkish Airlines ( offers service from major US cities including New York, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles to Istanbul with connections to its wide ranging international network. 


Istanbul Airport is constructed to be an oasis of relaxation with passenger comfort a top priority. Additionally, it is the first ever carbon neutral airport. Boasting a unique architectural design that combines forward-looking and functional elements, the New Airport’s terminal is inspired by Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage.


The latest technological advances will enhance passenger experiences and reduce stress levels at the airport. These include biometric screening, advanced passport control, a technology driven bag-drop system, passenger info kiosks and robot assistants, among others.


The airport will house a hotel, convention and office space, plus an area for cafes and restaurants of over 344 thousand square feet. Visitors will have a wide array of excellent Turkish and international cuisine to choose from, thereby elevating their culinary options while spending time at the airport. Additionally, guests will find the world’s largest duty free shopping here, with more than four hundred distinguished retail brands available before and after travel. Doubtless, the Business Lounge will be spectacular.


Advanced technologies such as 3-D hologram systems, smart shopping carts with a charging function and mobile cash-registers where you can pre order any item without waiting will create fun and easy retail shopping. A “Magic Mirror” application, for example, will allow customers to see virtually how watches, clothes or make-up products will look on them without physically trying them on. This is bound to be a crowd pleaser. 


Turkish Airlines Stopover Program

I describe my superb flight, the seamless service and great amenities, including flying chefs for fine dining, onboard Turkish Airlines in my feature titled Turkish Airlines’ Bangkok/Istanbul Getaway on pages 44 & 45 in the July/August 2018 issue of this magazine. I flew Business Class from JFK to Bangkok with an excursion in Istanbul, taking advantage of their stopover option that even offers free accommodations in 5-star hotels. A jaunt in Istanbul with its magical combination of mystical ancient city and chic modern metropolis along the Bosphorus means you get 2 trips for the price of one.  Also new: Turkish Airlines is collaborating with famed Dr. Mehmet Oz of “The Dr. Oz Show” on its “Fly Good Feel Good” project, providing passengers with videos containing expert advice about healthy eating and exercise for optimum travel. 

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