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Off-the-Grid Adventures in Argentina

Argentina, a country synonymous with adventure,

is for the type of person whose bucket list is always in need of new additions. It’s for the travelers who roll their sleeves up, get immersed in local culture, and take leaps of faith (both figuratively and physically). Argentina boasts a huge variety of climates, regions and off-the-beaten path excursions so you can get the most out of your visit while crossing off bucket list items you never knew you needed. 


So for those that have already done almost every you-name-it adventure in the books, here’s a list of Argentina adventures to add to your list:


Drive Ruta 40 or “La Cuarenta:” To travel all of Ruta 40 (Route 40) it would be equivalent to driving from New York City to L.A. (plus a little extra). In lieu of traveling the full 3,200 miles, adventurers can begin their drive in Bariloche and head south to traverse along the Andes, through volcanic lava fields, national parks, glaciers, colorful lakes, steep canyons, and forests home to 2,600-year-old trees. As arguably one of the most beautiful road trip routes in the world, La Cuarenta is truly for the adventurous traveler who doesn’t mind long drives through skinny mountain roads, camping overnight in canyons, and going completely off-the-grid. 


Cross the Andes via Horseback – Trekking through the Andes on horseback is like traveling back in time. Adventurers can start their journey at the stunning mountain area of Uco Valley in Tunuyan with the full hike usually lasting six days through the stunning terrain. Along the way travelers will get a glimpse of glaciers, breathtaking valleys, clearwater lakes, and of course the various stunning peaks of the Andes. Mountain expedition teams will provide travelers with the necessary equipment, traditional Asado barbeque meals with Argentian wine and of course maintain the health of the horses throughout. 


Scuba-Dive in Ushuaia: Not only by visiting Ushuaia will you be able to walk around the southernmost city in the world, but you will also be able to dive into the frigid waters in search of ancient shipwrecks, kelp forests and a variety of marine life. For experienced adventurers, book a scuba-diving excursion out to Monte Cervantes Shipwreck, where you can catch a glimpse of the 500ft passenger boat that sank in the 1930s. 


Explore Glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park: In El Chalten, adventurers can get a glimpse of Argentina’s notorious glaciers in Los Glaciares National Park. Los Glaciares is named for its numerous glaciers that are fed by the massive South Patagonian Ice Field – the largest icefield in the Southern Hemisphere after Antarctica. To catch a glimpse of the glaciers and natural beauty, travelers can explore a variety of trails available near El Chalten. For the more adventurous, glaciers expeditions and guided ascents are also available. 


Heli-ski in the Andes: Situated at the foot of the towering Andes Mountains in Argentina’s Uco Valley winemaking region, it is hard not to look up and imagine the feel of the fresh snow beneath your feet. Go into uncharted territory with a heli-skiing or heli-snowboarding excursion where the heliport is only yards from your lodge. After getting acclimated to the altitude, excursion guides take small groups flying through the rugged Central Andes Mountains in search of the perfect valley of snow to drop the group and let you enjoy your own private slope. 


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