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Countdown to EXPO 2020 Dubai

For 170 years, World Expos have provided a platform to showcase

the greatest innovations that have shaped the world we live in today. This fall, Expo 2020 will continue that tradition with the latest developments from around the globe. Originally slated to take place last year, Expo 2020 was postponed due to Covid-19, but organizers have decided to keep the name. Now taking place October 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022 in Dubai, Expo 2020 is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, and largest event to ever take place in the Arab world. According to President of Ya’lla Tours, Ronen Paldi, it will also be the largest international post-Covid event, welcoming visitors from all over the world.


The main site of Expo 2020 Dubai will span over 1,083 acres, located between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, near Dubai’s southern border. No other country has the hotel capacity and infrastructure to host such an event, which is expected to draw tens of millions of international visitors. With a new Expo metro line providing fast access from nearby hotels to a large, new station at the Expo Plaza, Dubai is ready to host the world. The air-conditioned metro system can take Expo-goers from their hotels to other sites in Dubai as well, such as the famous Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, and other spectacular sites. 


With the overarching theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” the Expo will also have three subthemes: opportunity, mobility and sustainability, each with its own district within the site. Expo 2020 is organized around a central plaza, entitled Al Wasl, encircled by the three large sub-theme pavilions. Al Wasl Plaza is the world’s largest unsupported dome, forming the centerpiece of Expo2020. It will remain after the event as the iconic hub of District 2020. Expo 2020 will welcome 192 countries, each with its own pavilion located according to its chosen subtheme rather than geographically – allowing each country to highlight the best of its culture, innovations and ideas. Also within each district, a multitude of businesses, organizations and educational entities will showcase themselves to millions of visitors from around the world. There are 50-60 shows scheduled per day throughout the duration of the Expo, and over 200 restaurants offering international cuisine; India’s pavilion alone will have 5 different restaurants to choose from. 



The Opportunity Pavilion will house countries including Ukraine, Monaco, the UK, the USA, Malawi and more. Displays will reflect the concept that there is a ripple effect in everything we do. One person can be the key to unlocking opportunities that can help individuals and communities create a better tomorrow, today. 


In the Sustainability Pavilion, visitors will be immersed in experiences encouraging humans to take a sustainable path towards a future where we all live in balance with our only home: Planet Earth. Small actions grow into positive global movements that will help communities protect and preserve the world around us. A few of the countries that have chosen to locate their pavilions within the Sustainability district include: Brazil, the Czech Republic, Singapore and Germany. 


Visitors to the Mobility District will experience connections that will drive the world forward, and break down the divide between the physical and digital worlds to build a harmonious, global society where information, ideas and goods are exchanged faster than ever before. Here visitors will find the Australian, Russian and Korean pavilions showcasing such developments from their countries. 


Ronen Paldi suggests that prior to their arrival, clients select their “must-see” country pavilions, shows, and restaurants. He plans to attend the Dubai Expo at least three times during its 6-month span and knows he will not be able to see everything. He suggests planning a stay of at least 7-10 nights. In 2017, Ya’lla Tours was the first company in the world to secure hotel rooms in anticipation of Expo 2020. Their Expo packages include hotel room pricing at distinct discounts due to this foresight. 


While in this region of the world, Expo attendees should consider exploring more of Dubai, or even another destination. Abu Dhabi is extremely close to the Expo site, but travelers can also combine other countries, such as Jordan or Oman. As an authorized ticket reseller for Expo 2020, Ya’lla Tours has designed packages with this idea in mind. Further details can be found at 


Many modern-day conveniences, tasty treats, and experiences can be traced back to World Expos of the past. At the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, electricity, the Ferris Wheel and the zipper were introduced. The ice cream cone and hot dog are treats introduced at the 1904 World’s fair in St. Louis. Iconic structures such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Atomium in Brussels are remnants of World Expos of the past. Expo 2020 Dubai visitors will be able to see and experience how most of the world’s countries envision our global future. We can only imagine what technologies and developments will be revealed and become history as a result of this tremendous event.

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