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Death Valley

A one-of-a-kind American oasis within the confines of Death Valley National Park.

While its name might evoke a hellish inferno of heat, road-trippers find beauty in the largest national park south of Alaska. Death Valley’s boundless terrain is a land of contrast holding the US record for the hottest temperature at 134 degrees Fahrenheit while Badwater lies 282 ft below sea level. In this area of record heat, infrequent rainstorms put nature on display. Roller coaster dunes, erosion-sculpted canyons, eternal fields of wildflowers, and even pillowy winter snow create a surrealistic stark canvas. 


In a land where little has changed over centuries a revival that has been in the works for 5 years at a hefty price tag of $150M. Located two hours from Las Vegas and four hours from Los Angeles, The Oasis at Death Valley is where vacationers can immerse in the desert terrain with 80 new stand-alone cottages. 


In the historic enclave where the Borax 20 Mule Teams watered. In the 1920 era, the Hollywood-like resort includes retail shops, food and drink options, a saloon, and even an ice cream shop in the town square. Spring-fed pools and verdant gardens create a tranquil retreat and solace miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also on site is a post office and gas station, and for those wishing the hit the links, a USGA golf course is the lowest on earth. 


The casita-like cottages consist of one-bedroom bungalows plus a living room space. Options in the nearly 400-square foot living quarters include the choice of either two queen beds or one king bed. 


Flanked between two exquisite resorts The Inn at Death Valley and The Ranch at Death Valley, the individual cottage homes are equivalent to an 


upscale housing complex. The superlative eco-friendly compound is ideal for both families and golfers alike. The quarters are within walking distance of The Ranch’s Spanish Colonial Revival design town square where you’ll find the well-stocked general store, dining, and entertainment. 


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