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Grenada Tourism Authority Celebrates Appointment of Randall Dolland as New Chairman

Flutes of champagne and tropical cocktails greeted guests of

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) at STK Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan on Oct. 7 to celebrate the recent appointment of Randall Dolland as its new chairman. 


The gathering of around two dozen people in a private room in the restaurant included travel agents and media, who dined alongside the banner, “Pure Grenada: The Spice of the Caribbean.”


The country has much to celebrate. Tourism from the U.S. this year to Grenada has surpassed 2019 levels, Petra Roach, the CEO of Grenada Tourism Authority, said. Roach said she was thrilled to have Dolland as the new chairman, “to have someone who understands the industry.” She said that he has experience doing the everyday hard work of promoting the destination, and understands “how to differentiate ourselves.” 


Dolland echoed those sentiments, noting that the gathering “shows our commitment to you and to the industry.” Dolland was previously Sales and Marketing Manager for the former Flamboyant Hotel and director of the former Grenada Board of Tourism. “Coming from the private sector, I understand the challenges some of you face,” he said, emphasizing his and the new board’s commitment to “striving for the best and Pure Grenada becoming the destination everyone has to go and see.”


Indeed, it would be hard not to crave a visit to the island after exploring the contents of the gift bags given to guests, which included a small basket of the spices turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. There was a small box of nutmeg tea, a little jar of guava jam and a large bar of Jouvay Chocolate with 72 percent cocoa content with the island’s signature nutmeg. 


is known as the “Spice Isle of the Caribbean.” Its cocoa is ranked among the best in the world and holds a place on the International Cocoa Organization’s list of fine cocoa exporting countries. 


Grenada and its sister islands of Carricou and Petite Martinque are also known, in addition to many other things, for over 40 white-sand beaches that are optimal for snorkeling and other water sports and activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. It’s a destination that gives that its new chairman and board a lot to boast of and share with visitors. 


“Grenada Is the most beautiful place on earth,” said Sherryann Charlton, Travel Specialist, Sherry Destinations and Grenada Vibes Travel, who attended the dinner. “It’s such a vibe, with the sand and the sea, and the people are incredible. They’ll make you feel like you’re at home every time!”


Further appointments to the GTA Board of Directors include:

  • Dr. George Vincent, Deputy Chairman
  • Mr. Orlando Romain
  • Dr. Charles Modica, St. George’s University
  • Ms. Allison Caton, Rep. Carriacou & Petite Martinique
  • Ms. Jacqueline Alexis
  • Ms. Janelle Hopkin, Hotel Industry
  • Mr. Marlon Glean, Sports/Legal
  • Permanent Secretary, w.r.f Economic Development, Planning, Tourism, and Creative Economy
  • Representative, Grenada Chamber of Commerce
  • Representative, Grenada Taxi Association
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