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SATA Azores Airlines

My recent trip to Portugal’s Azores was a first for me since I've never been to the Azores.

It was another surprising first for me – the first time I had the pleasure of flying SATA Azores Airlines, which is to the Azores Islands, what Hawaiian Airlines is to the Hawaiian Islands – a link from the a country’s mainland to its year-round island resort.


And while we’re on the subject of “Firsts”– my flight was also a first for Azores Airlines.  I was fortunate to have been on Azores Airlines inaugural flight from JFK to the beautiful Terceira Island, my favorite island in the Azores. I knew the minute I stepped inside the cabin and saw my business-class seat’s headrest (and every seat’s headrest) covered with a special removable transparent cloth emblazoned with “Inaugural Flight” that this flight would be special for many reasons.


Business class service was even more attentive than on the more well-known international carriers. Even before the plane’s doors closed while still at its JFK gate, the usual round of drinks was served with the usual, and unusual, snacks. For the entire flight there was no need to ever touch my Call Button.”  Azores Airlines’ business-class crew anticipated my every need.


As everyone entered the cabin they went through a ritual that relaxed the hypochondriac in me. Every passenger was asked to stretch out their hands as a crew member dabbed hand sanitizer on their palms sanitizing everyone’s hands. With such attention to important details like that (especially during Covid), Azores Airlines immediately won me over. Everyone wants air travel to be safe. 


Another unique feature I’ve yet to find flying on any other airline was WiFi at every seat! Whereas on other airlines, even before the plane takes off, you’re repeatedly told to “TURN OFF your WiFi”!  Azores Airlines has Free WiFi at every seat.


Azores Airlines is special from the moment your hands touch sanitizers to your staying in touch during your flight with your business, friends or loved ones. Yes, you can still text the world while traveling 30,000 ft above it. WiFi also enables you to connect to your personal entertainment on your iPad/tablet and smartphone – so you can watch your own entertainment or tune into Azores Airlines’ special features such as the latest movies. And unlike traditional airline entertainment, on the back of the seat in front of you, you can adjust viewing to a position that’s most comfortable for you.


What separates Azores Airlines from every other airline that flies to the Azores from the US? A FREE Vacation! All year round when you travel to Lisbon or even Paris, you can stop off (heading out or returning back) for as long as a week in the Azores for free!

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