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Southwest Germany’s Blend of Culture, Cuisine, and Peacefulness

From sleek hi-tech autos, world-class culture,

and Michelin-starred restaurants to ancient landscapes of the Black Forest, your clients will have unforgettable experiences. Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg  in southwest Germany and borders France to the west and Switzerland to the south.


Stuttgart’s airport is a half-hour from the city center. The city is compact. Your clients can rent bikes and see the almost 10,000 acres of vineyard-draped hills sides that begin in many backyards. The Cannstatter Volksfest is Stuttgart’s beer festival, weekends from late September to mid-October. It’s more than beer- with amusement rides, foods, and crafts that give insight into local culture.


The Arts Are Thriving

The Stuttgart State Opera House has a full season and shares the venue with the Stuttgart Ballet, and the award-winning State Orchestra Stuttgart. For intimate performances there’s a new smaller hall for chamber music. The Kunstmuseum has temporary and permanent exhibits drawn from its 20th and 21st Century collection of local and international artists.


Germany’s “Motor City”

Stuttgart is the home of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, and each has its own museum with exhibits for diverse levels of interest – from auto interior design to under-the-hood enthusiasts. The Porsche Museum has a new installation “Future Heritage Portal,” featuring the 1898 Phaeton electric car, the oldest car in the collection and takes your clients to the latest electric models and concept cars.


Not to be outdone, the Mercedes-Benz Museum’s new exhibition “Celebrating 55 Years AMG – Changing the Game,” displays over half a century of  inspiring racing car designs and on to a future of high-speed electric models that can be seen until the end of February 2023. Your clients can drive the twists and turns of the handling track with a professional driver by their side. The striking nine floors of the permanent collection has over 1,500 displays, from early 20th century motorcycles to mail trucks, to current hydrogen cell cars and concept models.


Black Forest Villages –  Dining and Outdoor Experiences

Fresh air and hot springs in spa towns like Baden-Baden in the Black Forest have rejuvenated the likes of George Clooney, Rod Stewart and the Beckhams. Bad is the German word for bath. Clients who want the Baden-Baden spa experience, fine dining, massage, and bathing, need to know that the spa dress code is your birthday suit – nude, though, a client or two have judiciously draped towels. For an evening at the casino, passports, jackets, and appropriate footwear (no sneakers) are required.


Densely packed tree foliage of the Black Forest keeps sunlight from reaching the forest floor. The Celts found it foreboding, and  the Romans called it “Silva Nigra” – black forest. Clients can see the forest for the trees in Wildbad. There are two tree top walks, a barrier-free tree-top walk constructed of local Douglas fir and larch. It’s a short gentle walk to the 130-foot-tall lookout tower. Along the way are panels pointing out features of different trees, their lifecycle and the wildlife that call the forest home. Adventurous clients can walk the Wildline, a steel suspension foot bridge, spanning close to half a mile at various heights above ground with views of the Swabian Alps.


Living History in Gutach

The open-air museum in Gutach has six farmhouses spanning the early 16th century to the 19th century, loaded with the modern appliances of the period. There are working farms, livestock, and wagon rides. Clients can walk through a water powered sawmill and experience the world before the internet. The German Clock Museum in Furtwangen is more than cuckoo clocks – atomic clocks, kitchen timers, and radio control wrist watches, there are over a thousand items on display. Contemporary designers have taken the traditional cuckoo clock and added a splash of bright colors and patterns for a fresh interpretation of the  cuckoo clock.


Michelin Feast in the Black Forest

There is a superabundance of Michelin-starred and Bib Gourmand restaurants in nearby Baiersbronn. The town is surrounded by working farms, providing these restaurants with fresh, premium ingredients. The three-starred Restaurant Bareiss and the Swarzwaldstube serve a classic French menu. Two-starred Le Pavillon in Bad Peterstal serves classic and contemporary French cuisine. The Restaurant 1789 serves contemporary German cuisine with an Asian flare and creative combinations, while Schlossberg, in the Hotel Sackmann, includes a vegetarian menu. Both earned one Michelin star. Eleven restaurants in the Black Forest area were awarded Bib Gourmand designation. Nearby Dorfstuben has 19th century dining rooms serving traditional local foods.


A Night or Two in a Wine Barrel

Vineyards offer wine tastings. Clients can sample wines and have a hearty meal, and not worry about driving by booking the Black Forest Wine Barrel Hotel in Sasbachwalden. Here, 8,000-liter wine barrels were renovated to include two comfortable beds. Large windows overlook the vineyard. Ideal for an evening glass of wine while the sun sets behind the Vosges mountains. 

Germany’s Southwest feeds the heart, mind, and body of your clients.

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