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Expedition sail to Antarctica with Tennis Legends McEnroe Brothers

Tennis anyone? Join former iconic professional tennis brother duo John & Patrick McEnroe,

as they battle it out in the first-ever tennis match played in Antarctica. 


On February 17, an epic tennis-themed 11-day voyage begins sailing on the World Navigator. Legends Abroad, leaders in bespoke travel experiences, run the sports-themed expedition. It is the first of a series of journeys to remote regions of the planet traveling with professional tennis players. Guests can travel with the legends during the eleven-day trip, following a historic exhibition match in Buenos Aires. 


The sailing on Atlas Expeditions environmentally friendly World Navigator, a superyacht-like vessel, will chart the iconic Drake Passage. Breathtaking backdrops across the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctica peninsula, traversing the white continent, have mesmerized and inspired scientists, explorers, and sightseers for centuries are some of the highlights. A highly experienced expedition team leads the quest to the polar region bringing various backgrounds and expertise, including kayaking and ornithology. 


On the expedition, scientists, researchers, and the expedition team will present morning and evening lectures touching on topics ranging from marine wildlife, ecology, climate change,  photography, astronomy, and the riveting history of Antarctica, first discovered visited by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. 


February is the apex of Antarctica’s summer season, providing maximum opportunity to spot whales and other wildlife. 


Guests will travel in style aboard one of the newest and most luxurious vessels in the polar regions, the environmentally friendly World Navigator, featuring state-of-the-art technology allowing for close-up encounters with fauna, ice-blue glaciers, and snow-capped peaks. 


Atlas’ star chefs prepare gourmet meals, and the trip features an open bar throughout the sailing on the all-inclusive voyage. All ship cabins feature luxurious amenities, complimentary 24-hour room service, and private balconies with pristine ocean views. 


Exclusively for the voyage, a private-chartered plane from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina, is included in the program’s cost, along with a carbon offset contribution for both the plane and the ship. 


Word from the Players

“I’m excited to travel to Antarctica and play my brother, Patrick, in the first-ever professional tennis match on the seventh continent and to help raise awareness to the challenges facing one of the most remote and amazing places on the planet,” said John McEnroe.


The first celebrity-sports-themed expedition to Antarctica, including former professional athletes, will enthrall tennis aficionados. 


Patrick McEnroe added that he “always wanted to explore the amazing landscapes of Antarctica, and how could I miss out on playing the first ever pro tennis match there against my brother? I can only promise one thing; a McEnroe will win!”


For tennis enthusiasts, the chance to meet, take photos and dine with John McEnroe, Patrick McEnroe, and Chris Fowler from ESPN as they join us for the duration of the journey is a trip of a lifetime.


“Don’t miss this historic moment in tennis history as the McEnroe brothers explore with you the other side of the globe! This is a once-in-a-lifetime expedition to one of the planet’s most majestic landscapes,” mentioned Legends Abroad co-founder Paul Cohen.


Another tennis-themed luxe journey in the works will feature the identical twins, professional tennis players Bob and Mike Bryan, squaring off in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. 


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