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Fiji And The Island That is Right For You

The ambiance of the stunning Fijian Islands is,

for most Americans, a dream vacation that combines culture and beauty unsurpassed by most island options around the globe.In short, it is the perfect island destination.


What makes Fiji even more alluring is the fact that there are over 300 islands to choose from, all dotting the Pacific Ocean like tiny diamonds waiting to be discovered. Of course, some islands you can’t visit, but there are plenty of islands just beckoning you to come.


My suggestion is to pick two or three islands and spend two or three nights on each. The flavor and vibe of Fiji is magical and you can be sure you will dream of the day you will return.


Whether it is a luxury resort, a family vacation or just a backpacker experience, deciding on the best island of the 333 islands in the archipelago is not easy. Here are some tips for the island options I suggest.


Family Friendly Fiji

The island of Viti Levu is the place for families looking for a getaway. You will find resorts of the highest quality, all-inclusive choices and many are family friendly. While there, discover the local culture in the mountain village of Navala, which is 200 years old and most definitely photo-worthy. If you visit Viti Levu, take the time to kayak or raft down the Navau River, try ziplining, take a walk through the Garden of the Sleeping Giant and visit one of the three national parks located here. For beach lovers, the beaches of Natadola welcome all and are an enticing way to spend a relaxing day. Of course, for the water adventure seeker, you can dive with tiger sharks and snorkel at Nanau-i-Ra, a reef that is worth experiencing.


Peace And Solitude

The island of Yasawas takes a high spot on any guest list as it is known for its relaxed vibe of solitude and relaxation.


You will have to take either a catamaran or a small island jumper plane to get to Yasawas from Viti Levu so this island is a good option for a second two nights. For overnight, there are choices that range from luxury to roughing it – you decide.


This is the place to be for a white sand experience. By day engross yourself in a good book, and by night bask in the silence. Going way back in movie history, this is the island where Blue Lagoon was filmed, featuring Brooke Shields.


There are also snorkeling options on Yasawas with colored reefs. You might even see some manta rays near the Nanuya Balavu and Drawaqa area of the reef. 


Depending on how many days you opt to stay on Yasawas, ask your resort about a water taxi to other islands in the vicinity to see some of the surrounding local culture.


Island Tradition

Vanua Levu is all about the tradition of the Fijian Islands, coupled with some great diving experiences. Savu Savu is the place to visit on Vanua Levi. Located on the north part of the island, it is renowned by those in the know as the best kept secret in Fiji. Natural beauty is the buzz word with not only the diving, but a number of eco-friendly resorts. Getting there from the main airport Nadi International is as easy as a quick flight. For the adventure lover, rent a 4WD and explore the high waterfalls and the lowlands of sugarcane and coconut plantations on Vanua Levu. 


Bird watcher’s paradise

If you love birds, the island of Taveuni is going to be your favorite place. Of course there is hiking with waterfalls and jungles to explore, but also over 100 species of birds, including wattled honeyeaters, grey and white herons and orange or flame doves.


Taveuni is the third largest island and coined the Garden Island. The Bouma Heritage Park is located here with a combination of mountains and coastlines including white and black sand beaches. You might also take the Lavena Coastal Walk along the forest for a good outdoor experience and be sure and ask for directions to the hidden waterfalls.


Accommodations on Taveuni range from high-end luxury to eco-friendly low budget so there is something that will fit any price range.


You won’t be able to do it all in one trip so decide if you prefer culture, nature or just relaxation and focus on one for your Fijian getaway. From that first experience you can begin to plan what your next trip will be as you learn to love this slow-paced, much-loved paradise.


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