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The Seychelles Unveils New Charms

The Republic of Seychelles archipelago has always been a

bucket list destination for many travelers seeking unparalleled natural beauty, pristine beaches, and a vibrant marine life. It’s the perfect add-on to any African safari adventure via direct flights from Johannesburg and Nairobi, or those just looking for an exotic getaway. Its main island, Mahé, is home to the capital city of Victoria and it’s where most of the island’s population is located. 


The archipelago is in the heart of the Indian Ocean and comprised of 115 islands in total. Its rich history comprises many different influences stemming from their initial discovery by the Portuguese in the 16th century, to its colonization by the French and British. This diverse heritage is now celebrated through its many museums, galleries, and historical sites. With its rich blend of Creole, French, and African cultures, the local cuisine creates a unique gastronomic experience as well. 


New Hotel Openings

Seychelles’ commitment to providing world-class hospitality experiences continues with the introduction of a few new luxury hotels. The much-anticipated Waldorf Astoria Seychelles Platte Island ( will feature 50 sea-facing villas, each featuring up to five-bedrooms, and all with their own private pool and personal concierge. The property will also have its own runway and is planned for a late 2023 opening.


Another newly opened resort is within Marriott’s Tribute portfolio. They’ve just made their debut in the Seychelles with the Laïla Seychelles Resort ( along Mahe’s southeastern coast. The resort offers 76 guestrooms, several on-site restaurants, an outdoor swimming pool, and a kids’ recreation area.


Tourism Growth 

Tourism numbers continue to climb on the islands as evidenced by the most recent 2022 tourism numbers. In the last week of 2022, the Seychelles welcomed 10,266 visitors. Additionally, figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics for the week ending January 1, 2023, show that the year-to-date total arrivals is 334,552 which represents an increase of 81% compared to the same period in 2021. The Principal Secretary for Tourism, Sherin Francis, stated that “the number is even better than our second predictions of around 330,000 after we had met our original target.”


Cultural Events

The Seychelles’ events calendar is filled with celebrations and exciting festivities throughout the year to offer a unique opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in the local way of life.


When the Seychelles welcomes the month of October, the Creole Festival arrives with a week-long celebration of colors, sounds and aromas. This cultural experience showcases the Creole heritage and is a must-attend event for travelers seeking an authentic experience. 


In April of 2024, the Seychelles Carnaval International de Victoria draws participants from around the world, when the streets of Victoria come alive with elaborate parades and energetic performances, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. It’s one of the world’s most inspirational events, taking place over a 3-day period. 


Travel Options from the United States

While there are no non-stop flights from the United States to the Seychelles, they are serviced by all the major airline alliances; Oneworld, Star Alliance, and Sky Team, as well as non-alliance partners such as Emirates. It’s the perfect time to get your clients to utilize those hard-earned frequent flyer miles! The main airlines flying into the Seychelles are the national carrier Air Seychelles, along with Air France, Emirates, Etihad, Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways. 


The influx of new hotels, the excitement of upcoming events, impressive tourism growth, and air travel options will only reinforce Seychelles’ standing as a destination that promises unforgettable memories.


In the coming years, the Seychelles’ story will continue to unfold, revealing even more reasons to entice your clients to experience this captivating paradise. Whether it’s exploring its past, indulging in luxury, joining in on vibrant celebrations, or simply basking in its natural splendor, the Seychelles promises a journey like no other, one that travelers will carry with them forever.

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