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Family Bonds Foundation

It is always refreshing to learn of organizations whose sole purpose it is

to give back to the community that has led to its success. I first learned of the Family Bonds Foundation last month at the Travel Leaders Network EDGE conference in Washington, DC, where a silent auction raised over $461,000 for the foundation.


Led by Jackie Friedman, President of Nexion Travel Group, and founded in 2015 by John Lovell, President of Travel Leaders Group, a division of Internova Travel Group, the Family Bonds Foundation supports travel industry families, their children and their communities who struggle with unforeseen circumstances that affect them financially. “Everyone faces situations where they need some help,” said Friedman. “Our grants provide a helping hand to people in and out of the travel industry.” More than 200 grants have been distributed over the past eight years to travel advisors, supplier partners and others.


There are a lot of people within the travel industry family — more than 200,000 individual travel advisors, suppliers and individuals within their communities — and some struggle with unforeseen circumstances that affect them financially. They are single parents working hard to raise a child; they are people spending more than they can afford to assist their elderly parents; they are individuals suffering from a personal setback that has affected them financially.


Each year, a small group of parents and children will be chosen from travel advisors, suppliers and their local communities to be awarded grants. These confidential grants will help recipients with such things as college tuition, medical bills, daycare or after-school care, school supplies and other basic necessities.


Family Bonds Foundation’s Family Table E-Cookbook
The Family Table e-cookbook shares recipes from partners across the travel industry, and represents a unique chance for the home cook to make the same delicious food and drinks offered at some of the biggest name hotels, resorts, cruise lines and more. “When asked about travel, people will frequently recount the meals they enjoyed on their trip,” said Friedman. “Our supplier partners generously stepped up to give Family Bonds donors their prized recipes, and now these can be enjoyed from the comfort of anyone’s home. With a donation of at least $25 to Family Bonds donors will receive a link to view The Family Table E-Cookbook.


I encourage anyone involved in the travel industry to give to this foundation that supports its own. Likewise, Family Bonds encourages everyone in the travel industry look deep within their ranks and communities and help us identify those who need our support.

Donations or nominations can be made at

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