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Luxury Safaris

The African safari experience has come a very long way since it all began in the 18th century,

but it has most certainly not lost any of its intrigue or adventure. Some of the tented camps available today invoke a sense of safaris from days gone by, but offer all the amenities that today’s luxury travelers desire. There are many different types of safari, and so many unique ways to experience the vast and breathtaking landscapes of Africa. A luxury safari takes travelers to Africa in style and comfort.


Endless possibilities
The list of available options for safari-goers continues to grow. Those who seek a luxury experience can participate in fly-in safaris, accessing the most remote places, utilize top-of-the-line off-road vehicles on game drives, or see wildlife from above via a hot-air balloon.
Glamping, (glamorous camping) offers travelers luxury accommodations, where there is much more glamour than camp. Amenities include spa treatments, gourmet dining, and memorable cultural exposure. Together with wild-life viewing, in a setting surrounded by nature’s wonders, these experiences combine to create an over the top and unforgettable safari experience.
The luxury experience of glamping is available to safari-goers across Africa. Luxury camps can be found in Tanzania’s Serengeti, Kenya’s Masai Mara, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, or Kruger National Park in South Africa. Incorporating all the creature comforts usually found in a hotel into a tent, luxury travelers experience the best of both worlds.


When to go
Safari-goers should take into account the time of year that they will be traveling. Wild animals often move according to the seasons, the annual migration of wildebeest in Kenya and Tanzania being a famous example. Rainfall during a certain season can also affect the safari experience. During the green summer season in southern Africa, there are many wonderful bird sightings, but the lush foliage makes spotting other game more difficult. During the dry season, the low volume of rain causes the bush to dry out and animals are more visible at waterholes and rivers.


Planning a trip
Infinite Safari Adventures ( is a boutique African wildlife safari and adventure company that creates custom luxury safaris throughout Eastern and Southern Africa. Owner, Alan Feldstein, travels to Africa 2-3 times a year to research new destinations and experiences. Infinite Safari Adventures caters to the discriminating traveler, and does not offer package tours or “cookie-cutter” safaris. Client input, combined with 18 years of Africa experience, create a luxury, custom-designed safari experience for your clients.
Many people say Africa is on their bucket list, and that they will go someday. To them we say: “Someday” is now!

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