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Virtual reality has finally arrived as an exciting new sales tool

Doug Cooke

for travel agents with the much anticipated launch of Explor VR — JAX FAX’s new app-based virtual reality technology created especially for travel agents.  Explor VR is an app which serves as a library for VR and 360 degree travel videos. There are currently over 75 experiences hosted on the app with more coming weekly.


Virtual reality technology can be used to engage and ‘wow’ clients, and we want agents to benefit from this technological development by bringing more value to your clients that online booking websites can’t. This new sales tool will give you a sense of the amazing potential of VR technology—as a tool to help close sales, as a tactic to grab attention, as a means to bring more foot traffic through your agency’s door, and much more. 


While videos can be viewed in 360 degree format, the best effects are achieved watching them in VR. For this, a headset viewer is necessary. The basic headsets are cardboard, modeled after Google Cardboard, Google’s entry-level VR viewers, for a basic introduction to the VR experience. Using these cardboard viewers, the Explor VR app is downloaded to your phone, which is then placed in the viewer to watch the video. A step up from this are the Oculus Go viewers which do not require a phone to store and view VR videos.


The free Explor VR app can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. Once downloaded onto your smartphone, simply slip the phone into the headset, and put the headset on your head to start viewing different destinations in full virtual reality. 


We are trying to disseminate this technology to agents as quickly and as cheaply as possible. The app is available to download for free. Note that many suppliers have distributed the cardboard viewers, including Perillo VR and any of these can be used with the ExplorVR app. Oculus Go headsets can be found on Amazon for $199, which is a pretty cheap investment for an agency considering the reaction you will get from consumers. They are blown away!


There is also a wealth of additional information, training material, marketing collateral, videos and more online at Agents will also be able to sign up for webinars to learn more about the VR tool. 


This is the very beginning of the relationship between the travel industry and virtual reality technology. We at JAX FAX truly believe agents can benefit from VR technology, most notably as a powerful sales tool, and hope you will let us help you take advantage of the future of travel marketing. 


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