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Travel News on the GO! Pins In The Map Podcast

One year ago this month JAX FAX launched our podcast channel Pins in the Map.

By the time you are reading this page we will have released 56 episodes. We have been thrilled with the response so far and the 1,000’s of new listeners we have gained to this new channel. 


Pins In The Map is your audio reference guide to the travel industry, featuring destination based articles, travel news, and interviews with industry leading professionals. 


Complementary to the print and/or digital versions of  Destinations by Jax Fax Magazine, PITM brings you the best of our magazine in a dynamic audio format. Pins In The Map follows the release of Destinations by JAX FAX Magazine. Once our bi-monthly publication hits your desk, mailbox, or browser, Pins In The Map will follow-up by presenting an audio form of coverage from that issue. Each new weekly episode features two destination articles from the same geographic section. In 2020 we will be expanding our podcast with additional travel industry content: interviews, guest commentary, live FAM Trip updates, etc.


Podcasts are a great way to stay current with the latest travel industry news and destination updates. Unlike traditional print or digital media that require your focus and eyeballs, audio podcasts allow you to listen to their content in the background while you are working, while exercising at the gym or commuting to the office. It’s the perfect solution for today’s multi-tasking travel professional.


Pins In The Map podcast is featured on our host site Spreaker –, or can be found on your favorite podcast platform: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and various others.


Tune in and stayed tuned to Pins In The Map for your travel industry updates, brought to you by JAX FAX Travel Marketing. New episodes every Monday! And coming soon: Pins In the Map mobile app.

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