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A Dream Escape in Bermuda

Reaching the West End of Bermuda,

we arrived in one of the most rugged parts of the island with huge dramatic rock formations rising like a phoenix from the sparkling, turquoise water. On the edge of the water, the white, tiered roofs of the distinct pink buildings of The Reefs Resort appear like a vision on the ragged, rocky cliffs that seemed to welcome us.


The original property was built around the ruins of a 1680’s farmhouse at Christian Bay, Southampton and was first owned by Marmaduke Dando. Over the years, the property changed hands and in 1947, the hotel became known as The Reefs Beach Club, which was the first cabana-style beach resort in Bermuda. In the early 1970s and mid-1980s, the cabana-style resort was demolished and replaced by new guest accommodations and since then, ongoing renovations have taken place. 


Entering The Reefs, we encountered the spectacular beauty of the resort surroundings with its bright, tropical plants and wide vistas, overlooking the ocean. From the very beginning, the staff provided a friendly, personable service that is extended to guests who are treated like family. To create an intimate, welcoming experience, a guest card is displayed with the names of couples who are celebrating special occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries. Recognition is also given to first time visitors as well as to couples returning many times. This attention to detail creates a sense of belonging and well-being that is felt throughout the visit. 


Exploring & Dining

As first-time visitors, we explored the resort’s rocky cliffs and wandered to the very tip of the property to watch the pounding of the surf against the rocks from a deck that overlooks the ocean at Caso’s Point. This spot is named after a former guest, Larry Caso, who visited the property 126 times and spent his time relaxing at this place and fishing off the rocks. Since then, this wild spectacular setting provides a romantic backdrop for many engagements and wedding ceremonies that are performed at the resort’s Caso’s Point.


Inside this ocean retreat, the nautical décor enhances the bright, spacious rooms overlooking the frothy waters. These spacious areas are also found in the luxurious guest suites and rooms. The private balconies provide breathtaking views of the surrounding reefs and beach. Our junior suite was tastefully designed including an open space with a rainwater shower and a deep, soaking tub. For further relaxation outdoors, we discovered a pair of hammocks to unwind under the lofty trees. 


At the civilized hour of 4 p.m., afternoon tea was served. Having traditional English scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam with tea provided us an opportunity to mingle with other guests. A few hours later, we joined again at a delightful swizzle cocktail reception on the open terrace. The sunset over the ocean provided a perfect backdrop to a special evening of conversation and conviviality.


Dinner that night was served at the Coconuts restaurant overlooking the beach. Recommended was the fresh, red grouper caught that day. We dined al fresco in full view of the ocean as we feasted on other delicacies from the sea. The soft lights with water views created a romantic setting. Ending our meal, the staff provided a beautifully prepared birthday cake with chocolate-dipped strawberries, which was a most enjoyable, unexpected surprise. 


On another evening, we dined on smoked salmon and wild, red snapper at the Aqua Terra restaurant in an elegant setting with views of the expansive ocean waters. 


The next morning, we enjoyed a sumptuous, gourmet breakfast of Bermuda Codfish and then felt energized to engage in watersports on the private beach. For exploring the reefs, we opted to snorkel in the protective environment of the coral to explore the extraordinary fish. Snorkeling around the reefs, we spotted clownfish, spottail, blue parrot fish, and some exotic, iridescent fish of all shapes and sizes. At the end of our snorkeling, we saw guests taking out kayaks to explore the reefs and the volcanic rock surroundings. Other individuals took a leisurely dip in the clear, blue waters with scenic views of the beach and rocky cliffs before heading for the infinity pool overlooking the ocean.


During our stay, the staff arranged our time to play tennis before spending time at the spa. On other days, the staff were helpful in planning a visit to the Royal Naval Dockyard and then taking a shopping trip into Hamilton. 


The pleasure at the resort was being pampered by high-level, personalized service and the undivided, unhurried attention, as well as the access to an exclusive beach. This experience allowed us to be actively engaged or to just savor the moment and feel the dream come alive. 

Visit www.thereefs.com

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