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Booking the hottest Travel Trend of 2020, RV Vacations

RV travel is one of the hottest travel trends of 2020.

With severely limited travel options due to COVID-19, Americans are packing up their families and heading out on the road. The “road trip” is once again in vogue, and people are doing so in record numbers.


While historically perhaps not a top-of -mind trip for travel advisors to sell to their clients, RV vacations can be a great product to sell during these days when plane travel is beyond the comfort level for many. And better yet, the major RV companies like Cruise America and El Monte RV pay commission.


There are several ways to sell an RV Vacation. The first is to do some research, determine what the highlights of a 7-10 day trip might be, and then build an itinerary that you can market to your customers. You could also just float the idea of an RV vacation to your clients and then work with them to build a custom itinerary. Perhaps the easiest way to sell an RV vacation is to work with a company like Tracks and Trails that has already done all the work for you. They have created complete RV itineraries, mostly in the western US and Canada, that include the RV, campsites, complete routing, activities and more. They pay Travel Advisors a 5% referral fee.


A Testimonial

Pamela Robinson, President of Adventures Croatia, recently took a RV trip up the California coast. Here is some of what she had to say about her trip:


For those considering an RV rental this summer… last month, we rented a like new, 2019, Class A, 30-foot “Windsport” RV. Our adventure was two weeks, and 2,000 miles long, throughout the Eastern Sierras, Nevada, into the Central California Coast (Carmel), and finished off in Malibu.


We were thrilled to get out of the house after so many months of being sheltered in place. Somewhere – anywhere safe, and we had no interest in getting on a plane. It felt like being in a “mobile bubble” would be a great way to shelter and travel! And for the most part, it was. The RV experience offered nature and scenic beauty, leisurely drives and quaint stops which were so needed after being cooped up.


All in all, our RV trip helped us through horrible COVID times. Looking back, we very much enjoyed our time together. For those looking for relaxation and a slower pace, RV’ing is wonderful! We are grateful to have experienced mobile life and say we did it! 


MAKING Memories

I too have taken several RV vacations with my family. My kids will tell you that these were some of their best vacations ever. It is an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, while seeing some of the most magnificent scenery our country has to offer.


If selling RV vacations is not in your arsenal of travel products, I strongly recommend doing some research and acquainting yourself with the how-to of marketing this highly in demand product to your clients.

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