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Explore Green & Safe Slovenia

Slovenia is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, as well as being one of its greenest and safest countries.

Sharing a border with the north of Italy, this is a land of natural beauty and diversity where the warm Mediterranean breeze rolls in towards the Alps and where mountains, rivers and thermal waters combine to create one of the greenest natural playgrounds on earth.


At the crossroads of Europe, such diversity is packed into a country smaller than the state of New Jersey – it is just a two-hour drive from the highest peak of Mount Triglav to the coastal Venetian architecture of Piran.


Hidden amongst Slovenia’s emerald green lakes and snow-capped peaks are towns and cities rich in cultural heritage and tradition. There is no better way to experience the country’s vibrant capital, Ljubljana, than by relaxing with a coffee along the leafy banks of the River Ljubljanica, which flows through its heart. 


Slovenia is considered a world leader in sustainable tourism and its capital, Ljubljana, was named European Green Capital 2016. It ranked in the top ten global counties in the 2019 Global Peace Index and was also one of the first countries in the world to be awarded the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council. 


To ensure that the country remains a global leader in the post-COVID tourism landscape, they have unveiled the Green&Safe standard, which is awarded to the very best destinations and tourism service providers that are wholly committed to responsible, green and safe tourism. 


This new standard means that visitors to Slovenia can relax, safe in the knowledge that all possible efforts are being made to keep them safe while they enjoy a wide array of boutique, five-star authentic experiences. 


In fact the ‘Slovenia Unique Experiences’ label has been specifically created to celebrate the unique stories and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Enter the world of the mysterious forests of Kocevje in search of Slovenia’s bears or delve deep underground and kayak through the flooded tunnels of an ancient lead mine. Prefer relaxation? Enjoy a guided tour of the world’s oldest grapevine or take a wonderfully unique ‘moustache tour’ through Ljubljana’s cobbled streets. 


Then there’s the food. Bordering Italy, Austria and Hungary, Slovenia borrows a little something from each of its neighbors, marrying Mediterranean and Central European flavors while also adding a unique twist using its own fresh, locally sourced produce. 


In recent years Slovenia has established itself as one of Europe’s most exciting culinary destinations. The country has been named European Region of Gastronomy 2021 and earlier this year the first ever Michelin Guide to Slovenia was unveiled to celebrate the chefs helping raise Slovenian cuisine to new heights. Amongst these is Ana Roš, named the world’s best female chef in 2017 and now proud owner of two Michelin stars at her restaurant Hiša Franko just across from Italy’s Friulian border. 


And what better to accompany first class food than first class wine? Slovenian winemaking tradition goes back centuries. The fertile soil accommodates 52 varieties of vine including the country’s own ‘Teran’, a full bodied wine grown from the rich red soils of the Karst region. 


The country is also home to what has been voted the world’s best orange wine, a floral, honey-colored variety unique to the Goriška Brda region. The Vipava Valley, one of Slovenia’s most prominent wine growing areas, is just an hour’s drive from Ljubljana.

*There is currently a ban on travel from the US to the EU. 

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