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Europe Reopens to U.S. Visitors… Finally!

Finally some great news for Covid weary,

Doug Cooke

Europhile travelers. The European Union decided on June 16th to add the United States to its safe travel list, meaning it will be easier for American citizens to take a vacation in one of the 27 member states. Not only is this great news for travelers but also for Travel Advisors who, now more than ever, will be sought out for their expert advice and knowledge of post-Covid travel rules and restrictions.


While the 27 member countries of the E.U. will have opened their doors to U.S. tourists by the time you read this issue, the situation is not as cut and dried as it may seem. Each member country will have its own entry rules and in-country protocols that your clients will need to be made aware of. And, since many tourists who travel to Europe visit multiple countries, your clients will need to understand the rules and restrictions of each country they plan to visit. For instance, some countries require pre-departure Covid testing and quarantine periods while others simply require proof of a negative test or of having been vaccinated. While some countries still require masks be worn indoors and outdoors, others have done away with mask wearing altogether. The list goes on and it is critical that you are knowledgeable of the various requirements so you can give timely and accurate advice to your clients seeking their long awaited trip across the pond.


In this issue we have put together a list of many of the most sought after European countries and the restrictions they have initially put in place. It is important to note that these are still fairly uncertain times and requirements/protocols can (and have) changed with very little notice. This is especially true as the variants of Covid continue to spread and infect primarily unvaccinated populations. Therefore, it would still be a good idea to offer your clients travel options that offer the most flexible terms in regards to changes and or cancellation. Travel insurance is more important than ever to protect your clients prior to their trip, as well as to cover them in the case of trip interruption due to the aforementioned potential changes they could possibly encounter. Be sure the insurance your supplier is offering covers for these types of Covid related claims.


It should be noted that this list was accurate at the time of printing however, as I mentioned, the situation is very fluid and requirements can change by the day. Be sure to check with the tourist board website of the countries your clients plan to go to for the latest updates. 

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