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Where to Travel Now

Our world of travel has gotten a lot smaller since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic back in March.

Doug Cooke

In fact, as of today, August 24, there are only 34 countries that Americans can travel to. And, of those, four require a 14-day quarantine–essentially removing them from vacation consideration.


So where can your self-quarantine weary clients go? This whole issue is devoted to answering that question for you. Our cover photo depicts an airport reader board with all the destinations that are open to American travelers. Each of the geographic sections in this issue will list the countries within that region that are open for travel, or have an article on a specific destination.


So far, the Caribbean islands and the Cancun/Riviera Maya region of Mexico seem to be the easiest and most sought after destinations. I am sure a major determining factor for this is the availability of non-stop, relatively short flights.


Each destination has its own protocols, but most do require a negative COVID-19 PCR test, usually within 48-72 hours of arrival. It should be noted that the PCR test is not the same as the “rapid test.” Be sure you and your clients are aware of the difference, and have the proper test result upon arrival. Many destinations additionally require a test once your clients have arrived. Many destinations also require that the traveler has health insurance that will cover them for any COVID-19 costs they may incur in case of illness while traveling. Others require that your clients stay at an approved resort and stay on the resort premises for the duration of their vacation.


As much as people are longing to travel, there is also, understandably, a high degree of trepidation about the process of travel during these times. This is where the value of a Travel Advisor really shines through. You can provide the detailed information your clients will need to feel comfortable getting onto a plane and checking into
a resort. 


It is important to know the various airlines’ COVID policies; are they blocking middle seats, requiring masks, their cleaning protocols, etc. Likewise, you need to become familiar with what your clients will experience when they arrive at their destination in terms of screenings, airport protocols and requirements, and transfer procedures. Lastly, you will need to be able to communicate to your clients exactly what steps their resort has taken to ensure their safety. Most resorts have gone to extreme measures to ensure the safety and comfort of their guests, and it will be important to your clients’ peace of mind to know
these standards. 


The more information you can provide, the more confident your clients will be in making the decision to Travel Now. 

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