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Change of Seasons

Here we go again!

Katie Hultgren

The kids are heading back to school, and there are already a few red and yellow leaves along the sides of the roads here in Connecticut. That does not mean that vacation season is over! It just means that we have to help clients find other reasons to travel!


Holidays – This issue of JAX FAX will surely show you all the reasons for your clients to visit more than one German Christmas market this holiday season. We have also recently covered holiday cruising, and other festive travel ideas. There may be someplace better than home for the holidays!


Celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby-moons… your clients can surely come up with some special reason to go!


Family reunion or multi-generational travel – Start your clients thinking about family travel now so they can book that trip with the grandchildren over school break in winter, spring, or even next summer. Pass along group discounts to those traveling with a large family.


Spring Break – Though the dorms are just beginning to fill, college kids all want to travel for spring break. If they start planning now, they will have no problem budgeting and booking the destination of their choice.


Seasonal changes in different countries – It is always summer somewhere! And, travelers can save money by visiting destinations at off-peak times of the year. 


There is nothing that compares to an agent’s personal touch, vast knowledge and expertise, all combined with customer service that is simply nonexistent through Online Travel Agencies. Whether they know it or not, travelers need what only a travel agent can provide.

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