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Travel Agent Appreciation

There are so many words we could use to describe 2021,

Katie Hultgren

and quite a few of them are not fit for print. This has been a completely unprecendented time for our industry. For all the columns and advice we have read, none prepared us for almost two years of having the business of travel turned completely upside down. Even now, we have no idea of what the future holds. Covid-19 fatigue has most certainly set in.


However, looking back over the past two years, there are some fitting and complimentary words to describe the work of travel agents. 


Resilient: No matter what this pandemic has brought you, you kept on doing what you do. You sold travel insurance to protect your clients, you rescheduled flights and cruises, and you kept on providing outstanding customer service to those who needed you.


Flexible: You handled hundreds of clients who needed to cancel or rebook, you got stranded passengers home, you did whatever it took to help your clients resolve issues as they traveled.


Creative: You came up with creative solutions to keep your clients happy, whether it was changing their itinerary, working on future vacations and trips, helping them plan around Covid-19 shutdowns and prepared them for the requirements of the countries they visited.


Patient: You lost or had to postpone receipt of commissions, you answered hundreds of calls and emails, you dealt with ever-changing rules and regulations regarding Covid-19 across the world.


Innovative: You changed your day to day procedures to accommodate the changes in the industry. You learned how to work with Skype and Zoom and attended webinars online rather than attending in-person events. 


Motivated: You never give up. Travel is your passion. Whatever it takes, you make sure you have happy and satisfied clients. You encourage those who are disheartened because they cannot travel. You help plan bucket-list trips for the future. You do whatever it takes.


As we roll into 2023, and the second anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on exactly what you have accomplished. I am sure there are certain days you’d prefer not to remember, but here at JAX FAX we see you, and appreciate what you have done to keep our industry moving forward. Happy New Year! 

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