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Travel’s Return

There are some travelers who feel that it is still too risky to travel,

Katie Hultgren

even after almost two years of staying close to home due to the global pandemic. Then, there are those who had plans to travel prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, who postponed their trips, and now feel more confident with the precautions and safety measures put in place in their chosen destinations. Then, there are those who feel that leisure or business travel fulfills a need, either personal or professional – and are no longer able to wait to get somewhere, regardless of the risks. 


I recently spoke to a nurse who has been working throughout the pandemic. She has traveled domestically several times during the past year, and has an international vacation planned for December. As a healthcare professional she is fully vaccinated and tested frequently, but acknowledges that there are still risks of transmission of the virus despite vaccination and precautions. However, it is an informed risk she is willing to take. 


When asked, she stated that she does feel slightly nervous when traveling, but takes personal responsibility to reduce the risk of transmission by wearing a mask, frequently using hand sanitizer, and wiping surfaces with bleach wipes. 


Travel has reduced the stress she feels from working and living through the pandemic. The joy of seeing new places and exploring the world, combined with the reduction in transmission rate, the precautions taken by all of her chosen destinations and airlines have made travel feel safer again. She has carefully selected her vacations based on the rates of transmission in the destination as indicated by the color-coded guides on the CDC website. Her chosen resorts’ stated Covid precautions, testing rules, protocols and restrictions also play a part in her final destination selection. While on property, she chooses to stay on-site, or uses private transportation options versus public transport. The resorts have a vested interest to be sure their guests are safe, and return home Covid free. 


This nurse feels exactly the same way as many of your clients do. There is surging interest in safe travel, both internationally and domestically. With an abundance of information, precautions, and guidance from a trusted travel professional (you!), you can help your clients get back to exploring the world. 

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