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Are you lost?

Even though JAX FAX has been a constant resource for travel agents over the past 47 years,

Katie Hultgren

the travel industry itself has changed a lot. Agents have come, and unfortunately, some agents have gone. We do our best to keep track of our subscribers, using the postal service’s address change notifications, and updating our subscription records when we are notified by a subscriber or the mail carrier that someone has moved, or wants to cancel. But, some of our faithful readers seem to have have fallen off of our list. It does not have to be that way! 


Did you know that there is no longer a charge to receive the print magazine? We are happy to send all 6 bi-monthly issues to you at no charge. We also offer a digital subscription for those who prefer to read on the go, or who want to save paper. All you have to do is ask. 


On our website www.jaxfaxmagazine.com under the “Learn More” tab, you will find forms to notify us of an address change, or you can renew a subscription that has dropped. We often have readers tell us that someone in their office takes their copy of JAX FAX. We take that as a compliment! We can deliver a copy to your home address, and you can order a subscription for the office, too.


If you see JAX FAX at an upcoming trade show, we will have new subscription forms available. Our goal is to provide agents with all the information and resources they need to sell travel to their clients. We just need to know where you are! 

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