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Being a Good Traveler

As a travel agent, you have the power to influence your clients’ behavior as they travel.

Katie Hultgren recently conducted a survey of American travelers, and gathered their opinions of how they believe Americans can be “good tourists” and should act when traveling outside the United States. 


When traveling, a majority of Americans (79%) believe that they should make the effort to learn a few basic words and/or phrases (e.g. hello, thank you, bye etc.) in the language of the country they are visiting. 


Seventy-two percent think it is best not to talk about sensitive topics (e.g. economic/political/social issues etc.) in public- as it may cause offense and/or provoke a negative reaction from local citizens.


In third position, 69% feel controlling alcohol consumption is very important for a person who is in a foreign destination.


Interestingly, 58% consider trying domestic cuisines/eating at local restaurants a fundamental part of being a good tourist. And 47% share the same sentiment about trying to shop at local stores and buying domestically produced products/souvenirs where possible. 


On the other end, just 23% place a willingness to use public transport (e.g. local buses, trains, trams etc.) as an essential aspect of being a good tourist. Slightly above, 36% deem attending and/or participating in local festivals/parades as a key attribute of a well-mannered traveler. 


Most of these ideas seem to be common sense and good manners – but in case you have a client who may live on the edge of propriety, feel free to reference this survey. Simply put, we should treat others as we expect to be treated.  Just be nice.

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