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Getting Back to the Business of Travel

The days we have all been waiting for are here!

Katie Hultgren

Destinations are opening up, airlines are resuming routes and adding flights, cruises are setting sail, destinations are setting rules and regulations to protect visitors and their own citizens, and eager travelers are getting vaccinated and packing their bags. 


The rules for each destination vary widely, and travelers should be informed before they depart. Most tourist boards have added a Covid-19 section to their websites which are updated as regulations are made or changed. Travel agents and travelers should familiarize themselves with current regulations, and should also check these sites regularly before departure to be sure they bring all the necessary paperwork and supplies they might need enroute, and while in their destination. 


Even if proof of vaccination is no longer required, it could not hurt to bring along their vaccination certification. Before traveling, advise your clients to take a photocopy or phone picture of the vaccination form so if it is lost they will still have proof of their vaccinated status. Laminating the actual card before leaving home to preserve it is a great idea. Laminating kits are easily available at office supply stores. A copy should also be left at home.


Also – travelers should be sure to bring enough masks for the entire flight, airport arrival, taxis and on public transportation while in their destination, and anywhere else they may be required – even if they are fully vaccinated. Surgical masks are most widely accepted, and N95 masks offer the best protection from the Coronavirus. Hand sanitizer is always a good thing to have in a carry-on, and a few small bottles and/or packets of antibacterial wipes should last throughout the trip.


Also found in the Covid-19 section of a tourist board’s website is information about how a traveler can get a Covid test while in the destination, and how to seek medical attention if they get sick while away from home. Preventing the spread of the virus and its variants is imperative to ensure the continued freedom to travel. Bon Voyage!

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