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Where Can You Find New Clients?

Many travel agents rely on repeat customers and referrals from satisfied clients,

Katie Hultgren

but sometimes we need to market ourselves in order to continue to build our client base. Where can you find new clients? Advertising can be expensive, and many travel agents no longer have brick and mortar facilities, so can’t rely on curb appeal to bring in drive-by business. The answer is in groups. Friend groups, church groups, PTO groups, club groups, and – social media groups. 


There are groups on social media sites – Facebook in particular – that bring together people with the same interests. You need to find people who might be interested in working with your travel business. Who and where are they? Start with groups that are local, but not necessarily travel focused. They can be found by searching Facebook by subject, and/or city name. For example, where I live, there are “Mom” and “Residents of” groups for my city’s name. As a member of these groups, I frequently see people seeking the name of a travel agent, and rely on other members of the group to make recommendations. You want to make sure your name is mentioned in the replies to such searches! The “Mom” group I belong to also allows advertising free for local businesses one day a week. This group has over 6,000 members, all who live in my town, and who see marketing messages from local businesses at no cost to the business itself! Do a little research to find these types of groups that are local to you, and join them. Create a Facebook post that includes highlights about you and your business, making sure to include your contact info – and reach people who are trying to find the services you offer! 

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